Consulting based on market research

CATI studio

CATI studio / Call Centre for your marketing research.

(CATI = Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) We are ready to find exact information for you at the optimal time.

We design and implement telephone surveys among your clients, randomly selected people.

We help you to write interview questions – depending on your needs. We prepare final data analyses and presentations which will move you forward.

Mystery calling / Mystery shopping

CATI studio is an ideal tool for specific market research – ficticious calls. With exploratory phone calls, you can simulate purchases in your own or a competitor’s company and learn significantly more about the performance and quality of the staff of your own or a competitor’s companies.

CATI on-line

Our universal database can use a large number of applications of web servers. Therefore, we can offer you telephone survey – data obtained would be registred immediately in your database and your website while your CATI questionnaire would be used.

Advantages of CATI research over face-to-face interviews (F2F):

  • Shorter field phase of data collection
  • Lower price
  • Higher sample use due to multiple contact repetitions
  • Possibility to manage and control interviews
  • Lower data error rate due to the elimination of manual data processing from paper questionnaires
  • Possibility to react immediately when an error in the methodology of data collection within the field phase occurs
  • You can be present at the process of interview

When to choose CATI method? This method is particularly for:

  • Standardized surveys
  • Surveys that would be limited or impossible to conduct using the method of traditional personal research (complicated structure, filtering, unreachable target group, etc.)
  • Surveys with complex selection criteria – CATI system checks them constantly
  • Surveys with difficult target population
  • And finally, whenever and for whatever reason, personal interviews are not preferred

We speak both Czech and Slovak!
A unique opportunity to carry out multinational marketing research from a single centre.

Well-trained operators

Each CATI operator has undergone a special selection process and a proper employee training. Employee loyalty is our resource and long-term cooperation is preferred. Thereby, we ensure the highest quality level of work of our operators.

KMG CATI studio in numbers

15 permanent stations + possibility of expansion

3 supervisors, immediate feedback

2 internal and 30 external operators

  • Statistics (quotas, success rate, postponement, use of a selection database)
  • Online overview and evaluation of the operator’s activities, we check at least 15 % of interviews
  • Long-term cooperation with operators
We maximise your return on marketing investment.
Your success is our image.
We are here for you, link up with us!


The KMG Group provided CATI studio services directly or through partnerships with consulting companies to numerous businesses. Some of our clients operate primarily on interconnected markets of the Czech and the Slovak Republic: